Even if you are not out on the field you can help the Sundarbans in many ways :

Help On site

Help Online

  • Writers : to write new blog posts / repost to the blog to keep everyone updated about the latest news about what’s happening in Sundarbans. > Connect with Alyssa Ransbury
  • Editors : to review the writer’s works, spelling and grammar, formatting. > Connect with Alyssa Ransbury
  • Social Media : to feed our twitter and facebook with the latest updates > Connect with Alyssa Ransbury
  • Web developer : to improve this website > Connect with Zubair Karim
  • Image processing : to analyse the raw images coming from the field, build maps from field pictures > Connect with Cesar Harada
  • Data / GIS : to help us quantify the oil on the map > Connect with Cesar Harada
  • Help on liaison with government officials  > Connect with Mirza Salman Hossain
  • Help with networking and community organising  > Connect with Tauheed

Fill out our form

if you are not sure what team to connect with, you can fill our form and we’ll try to direct you to the right place / person / support your initiative : http://goo.gl/forms/7MsfOswtyd

Help other organisations active on-site

http://www.shushilan.org | + 880 1915319448 | shushilan@shushilan.org | House #155 KDA Jalil Sarani (Commercial cum Residential Area Rayermahal, Boyra, Khulna-9000
Focus : Disadvantaged Communities
Activities : Donated gloves

Wildlife Conservation Society
www.shushuk.org | rmansur@wcs.org | Sonadanga, Khulna |
Focus : Wildlife Conservation (Research, capacity buildling, educational outreach)
Activities : Transect surveys, ecological investigations (fish sampling, dolphin survey, water quality), facilitating technical support for appropriate response.

http://porshee.org/sundarban-oil-spill-containment-and-fund-raising-appeal |
Activities : Volunteer clean up response

Focus Area : Crocodiles

Jagrata Juba Sangha
Focus Area : Volunteers cleaning up spill

Nature Environment and Wildlife Society

Bangladesh Poribesh Andoloan



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